Analyze Disk Space and Cleanup Duplicate Files Easily!

Disk Space Fan 4 is not only a duplicate file finder and remover, but also a powerful disk space analysis tool for Windows.

It uses the powerful search engine with fast file check to find the duplicate files on your computer. You can delete the duplicate data in a safe way.

As a disk space analysis tool, the program helps you to find and delete large, useless files quickly. It takes Ringschart to represent of the disk usage, where segments mean files and folders, proportionally to their sizes. By using filters, you can find the statistics of video, audio, image and other documents easily.


Scans directories and drives to find duplicate files

Criteria for comparison of files can be easily set up (file name, size, creation date and content)

You can exclude files based on file type, size and location

Provides a list of identical files so you can select which ones you want to delete

Delete, move, and replace the duplicate files by using symbolic links

Using filters, quickly to find out the specified type files

Using a filter, you can see the duplicate files by file types

Diagram of a flower show in the form of free disk space

Save scan history

Start from Explorer directly

Support for Unicode

Network path scanning support

Full compatibility with 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems

Blow away useless files

Disk Space Fan 4 offers the following benefits to you:

Save your money

With Disk Space Fan 4, you can find what files are eating your disk space easily. You do not need spend extra money to buy a new hard disk.

Save your time

You do not need to check folders one by one to find what is really big. And duplicate file finder will help you to find useless duplicate files in a seconds.

Feature rich

Disk space analyzer + Duplicate file remover, 2 in 1. More details can be found here

Full life support

We understand that budgets are tight. Accordingly, we will never charge you any technical support to the software. Buy once, use it forever.

Buy with confidence

In addition to a free trial so you can see if Disk Space Fan 4 is exactly right for you, we offer an unconditional 30-day
money-back guarantee. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with our software, we don’t deserve your money.